Patient Profile: Difficulty Eating

Patient Profile: Difficulty Eating A mother of 2 young children came to see one of our physiotherapists, May, after an accident that left her with a concussive injury. She suffered from headache, brain fogginess, sensitivity to lights and sounds and clicking and locking of her jaw which

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Patient Profile: No More Bladder Leakage

Patient Profile: No More Bladder Leakage A lady in her early 30’s came in due to a gradual onset of urinary leakage that started 3 months ago and was progressively getting worse, so much so that she had to wear panty liners and change them frequently. She

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Patient Profile: Could Not Work Due To Pain

Patient Profile: Could Not Work Due To Pain A patient in her early 40’s who was suffering from intense, gradual onset right-sided abdominal and groin pain came to the clinic and begin receiving care from May, one of our physiotherapists. She had previously had an MRI which

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Pain Facts

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Chiropractic and Low Back Pain

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Your Balance Control relies on input from 3 main sources 1. Sensory inputs from your inner ear motion sensors, your vision and sense of touch 2. Your brain and it’s ability to process this information 3. Your muscles and joints that coordinate the movements required to maintain

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Introducing GYROTONIC(R) Method

We are excited to inform you that our clinic has added a new movement expansion system, Gyrotonic exercise, just in time for everyone’s ‘Move For Life’ New Year’s resolution. This is similar to Pilates in that it integrates strength and control of the whole body. The biggest

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Fit In 15

For quick exercise & fitness tips, visit the Canadian Chiropractic Association’s website, Fit-In-15

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Research Shows Improved Dance Performance With Pilates Training

A recent study done at the National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science in the UK demonstrated that Pilates training is a useful supplemental training for dancers to improve muscular strength and flexibility. The result of the study saw increases in developpe angle height between 4 –

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Eccentric Strengthening of the Calf Muscles and the Achilles Tendon, Part 2

1. Single leg heel drop, straight knee – Place feet on the edge of a step in demi-pointé position (balls of the feet) while gently holding onto a wall or barre for balance – Transfer weight to one foot, slowly lower the heel to just past the

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