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exercise active rehabilitation
exercise active rehabExercise / Active Rehabilitation

One of the goals at Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is to help keep you MOVING LONGER & MOVING STRONGER. To do this, your physiotherapy and chiropractic care are often supplemented by an individualized movement retraining program, or exercise / active rehabilitation regimen.

What makes the exercise / active rehab program at Cedar unique?

By understanding how your body movements are executed and coordinated, we can help you move more efficiently. While most other exercise programs focus on training you from your outside in, our focus is on training your body from the inside out.

What this mean is that we start with the small muscles that are involved in stabilizing your joints and postural muscles. By improving your internal body awareness and control, you speed up your recovery from injury as well as help prevent new injuries from occurring.

Your team, including your kinesiologists, have extensive knowledge of your joints and muscles and how they are all interconnected via your “anatomy trains” (ie. fascial connection system), some of which extend from your head all the way to your toes. Activating one part of the ‘train’ can connect and affect your entire system.

Your exercise / active rehab training program will often include the use of a variety of rehab equipment such as pilates equipment, GYROTONIC® exercise equipment, foam roller, exercise resistance bands, hand held weights and balance boards to help you feel and connect to your joints and muscles.

After an exercise / active rehab session, patients often walk out feeling taller, more stable and stronger internally.

This is often a great complement to your current physiotherapy sessions and chiropractic care in which case you will need to see your physiotherapist or chiropractor beforehand in order to identify your individual needs and the best ways to address them. There are also options to see your kinesiologist without the involvement of your physiotherapist or chiropractor.


I am very happy to have found Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, whose alternative and holistic approach to physical therapy differs from many other clinics.

For several years I have been suffering with increasing chronic pain and poor quality of movement caused by multiple factors, which has lead me on a seemingly never-ending search for a treatment program that could help me return to normal function. I have tried a wide variety of treatments with many different practitioners over the years, resulting in little or no success, until now.

At present, I am four weeks into therapy with May Sheu at Cedar and I am very encouraged by the tremendous results I am experiencing, such as a higher sense of well being, improved range of motion and a substantial decrease in pain. Her gentle hands-on therapy is amazingly relaxing and immediately effective.
The physical rehab program in which I am currently enrolled (Clinical Pilates/ Gyrotonic Movement Training) is very safe for my condition and tailored to my specific needs and goals. It’s been a great pleasure to work with the clinical Pilates teacher Aurora Hull who I see as being a true expert in her field.

I’m now looking forward to a healthier future thanks to the dedicated team of Cedar Chiropractic and Physiotherapy!

Anke U


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