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Pilates originated from Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s and his exercise system came about after some dramatic events in his life. Today, Pilates has evolved into a form of mind-body exercise. Pilates builds strength and flexibility without increasing visible muscle bulk, creating a sleek and toned body.

Pilates is a safe and effective exercise system that teaches you good posture, body awareness, agility, flexibility and strength. The exercises performed during your Pilates Session are done in slow, controlled and graceful sequences of movements, allowing the body to experience and transform.

At Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, we are pleased to offer you the Pilates exercise system in a fully equipped Pilates gym (reformer, trapeze table, ped-o-pull, foam rollers, Pilates circle) in either private or semi-private sessions with our certified Pilates teacher.

In addition, we also provide Clinical Pilates as directed by one of our physiotherapists or chiropractor.

* Please note that semi-private sessions can only be scheduled following the completion of 2 private sessions


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