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Low back pain

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When you have low back pain, it can stop you in your tracks. It can make it hard to lift your kids, bend over to tie your shoes and drive to work.

Most movements and actions you do start from your back. When you pick up that coffee cup, your back braces and stabilizes so you can reach out with your arm and lift the cup. If there is anything wrong with your lower back or if you have low back pain, then your back is not able to properly stabilize, making it difficult for you to do even simple things.





Low Back Sprain, Strain

Your back is made up of a complex arrangement of structures including bones, nerves, joints and muscles. All of these can get injured leading to low back pain. You can sprain the joints in your lower back just like your ankle. You can strain the muscles in your lower back much like your leg muscles. You can injure the discs and irritate or pinch the nerves that come out of your spine, leading to leg or arm symptoms.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Low back pain and injury can affect your whole day. It can limit your ability to play sports, to work, even make it uncomfortable to sit. Fortunately, there is almost always a way to help you improve. A low back pain examination is usually the first step in finding out what the problem is, especially with chronic back pain.

Depending on the cause and type of injury, low back pain treatment can involve:

  • Manual therapy or Joint adjustments. Improve the mechanics of an injured spine or joint
  • Exercise rehab. Stretches for lower back pain to help with stiff areas, as well as other lower back pain exercises to strengthen weak areas. Correct any muscle imbalances and prevent relapses
  • Ice. To relieve painful inflammation
  • Heat. Helps with stiffness
  • Nutrition. Supplements can provide some back pain relief
  • Other back pain remedies include posture and ergonomic advice, helpful in preventing future issues

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