Osteopathy in Burnaby, BC

Osteopathy a natural medicine which focused on restoring function to your body by treating imbalances and pain. An osteopathic practitioner is someone skilled in using their sense of touch and palpation in assessing the mobility, position and quality of your body’s soft tissues.

Your Body is Self Healing

The concept behind osteopathy is that your body is able to heal itself. An osteopathic practitioner works with your body to help you self regulate and self heal. They are educated and skilled in using their hands to find out about the health of your tissues and body systems. From this, your osteopathic practitioner is able to determine the health of the overall person. This is a highly trained ability that requires years of continual training.

A research article titled “Feeling Small: Exploring the Tactile Perception Limits”, was published in Scientific Reports in March, 2013. The study showed that a person’s finger can feel differences down to the nanoscale level. This means that your hands potentially have the ability to pick out even very tiny details or differences.


An osteopathic practitioner can help many different types of musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and neurological conditions. Prevention is another area of focus with osteopathy. An experienced practitioner can find and correct tissue and system problems in your body before they develop into pain or injury.

At Cedar, your team of physiotherapists include therapists who are registered osteopathic practitioners as well as those who have studied osteopathic treatment methods. Some health plans do provide coverage for treatment by an osteopathic practitioner so receipts can be issued for this.

Get Help With Your Burnaby Osteopathic practitioner

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