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Resilience Through The Power of Presence, Part 4

Please read and understand the previous sections 1-3 before moving on to this section.

Tracking Your Own Internal Sensations, Putting It All Together

The purpose of this exercise is to guide you through the sequence and flow of your internal sensations. These include all 5 of your senses: touch, taste, sound, sight and smell.

  1. Reflect: Take a moment to reflect on something that happened in the past few days that made you feel good or mildly upset
  2. Note: Make note of each sensation that comes up while images, thoughts and emotion come and go. Notice how it impacts your body
  3. Connect: Use the following open-ended questions to “connect” to your primitive brain. Choose a few that fit your scenario
    • What do you notice in your body now?
    • Where in your body do you feel that?
    • Where is your pain, tension, discomfort?
    • Does it have a size? shape? color? weight?
    • Does it spread?
    • Is there a sound? What do you hear?
    • What other qualities of the sensation do you notice?
    • What happens to the rest of your body when you feel this or that?
    • Does it move and where does it move to?
    • What happens next?
    • As you follow the sensation, where does it go or how does it change?
  4. Calm: Spend 10-15 minutes tracking and exploring the sensations. Find a comfortable place to end the session. Make sure you have brought calmness to your primitive brain
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Problem Solver

As you get more used to allowing your body to experience the sensations safely, you will be ready look for similar events that overwhelm and cause discomfort. The goal of this is not to push the unpleasant sensation away. Rather, it is to be felt. This allows the unpleasant sensation to go through its natural course into resolution instead of getting stuck.

If it is not ready to resolved at that moment, simply acknowledge this. Bring in some pleasant sensations from other memories or body regions that feel comfortable before you end the session. You can always go back to it another time.

As you build your fluency in your internal sensation exploration, you will gain confidence in navigating through challenging times. We cannot change someone else’s behaviors, our external environment or completely avoid overwhelm.

However, with time, intention, safety and awareness, you can redirect unpleasant sensations, calm your primitive brain and grow your natural creative ability to solve problems. It is a journey worth taking

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunities
– Albert Einstein