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Virtual Telehealth Sessions – Can They Actually Help?

You do not have to let a pandemic or busy schedule keep you away from your rehab sessions. After Joanne’s story, see examples of 5 tools your physiotherapist and chiropractor can use via video to help you recover from your injury without ever stepping foot into a clinic.

Joanne’s Story

Injury: Joanne, 42, had stopped her car at a red light on the way home from work 14 months ago when she was suddenly rear-ended. Her head pitched forward and back and she felt shocked. Within a few hours, pain in her neck started ramping up and she developed a headache. Soon after, she started getting daily headaches as well.

Physiotherapy: Joanne started in-person sessions with a clinician who gave her twice-weekly treatments of manual therapy and massage and she was able to get to the point where she had minimal neck pain at work and home but still had daily a morning neck-ache, headaches, and could not get back to her yoga and boot camp sessions without worsening her symptoms.

Lockdown: Then, COVID-19 happened and she could not attend those sessions anymore. Joanne decided to try virtual telehealth sessions with a therapist at Cedar. First Joanne was asked to change her pillow, a simple fix that eradicated that morning neck-ache within 1 week.

Homework: Joanne was then taught the MacKenzie technique for reducing headaches and neck pain; within one month of doing the specialized exercises, her headaches were finally gone for good. She then learned exercises to increase the range of motion of her neck further and how to strengthen the muscles to provide more stability.

Recovery: After 2 months, she was able to do her online bootcamp and a full yoga class without neck pain or headache. Little did she know when COVID-19 hit, she would become empowered to learn the tools to heal herself and get back to living her best life.

1. Specialized Exercises

Assessment: Did you know that the MacKenzie assessment and treatment technique is done by having a physio guide the patient through moving their own neck or low back into a series of positions? By noting the response to each movement, your physio will know whether the pain is coming from a disc, nerve, tight muscle or poor posture.
Homework: After that, the therapist will show you specialized movements to do at home, which often instantly cause a reduction in pain and/or tingling. As the pain and tingling moves closer up to the centre, the therapist will alter the exercise until it eventually vanishes. This can easily be done with a series of virtual sessions.

2. Heat Or Ice

Receive guidance to the eternal question – heat or ice?

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3. Active Rehab

Experts: Did you know that physio’s are experts in prescribing exercise at the right dosage to cause changes in the structure and function of the muscles? Most conditions can be healed by increasing range of motion and strength.

Self-care: Coming in for hands-on treatments can accelerate this increase in range but doing exercises at home achieves the same result, it just may take a little bit longer. Our physio’s and chiro can give you exercises tailored to your particular physical needs using the equipment you can already find in your own home.

4. Positioning

Are you experiencing back pain that travels down your leg, or tingling or numbness in your fingers? This is caused by the nerves.

Did you know there are positions you can get into that can put certain nerves on slack to give them a rest, or that there are specialized movements you can do to glide the nerve through its pathway to help reduce neuro-inflammation? Using positioning and nerve glides can greatly reduce pain in the moment and increase your comfort levels as you heal.

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5. Workstation And Pillow Set Up

For conditions due to poor posture, your physio will give you tips on how to set up your workstation and pillow to eradicate this problem in the future.

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