achillesEccentric Calf And Achilles Tendon Strengthening, Pt 1

1. Straight knee double heel lowering over a step

  • Place feet on the edge of a step in demi-pointé position (balls of the feet) while gently holding onto a wall or barre for balance
  • Slowly lower your heels just past the level of the step
  • Replace your feet in demi-pointé position, try not to do an active heel rise to the starting position
  • Repeat 3 sets of 15
  • Make sure that you stand up tall and keep your feet and arches ‘on’ at all time
  • Placing a small ball between your ankles may help maintain your feet in a better position
  • calf 1

    2. Bent knee double heel lowering over a step

    • Same position as in #1 but this time bend your knees slight (~20 degrees, make sure that knees are in line with your 2nd toe)
    • Slowly lower your heel past the level of the step
    • Perform 3 sets of 15
    • calf 2

      Do exercises (1) and (2) daily for 1 week. If there is no pain with the exercises, then progress to Part 2 of the strengthening program (coming up next week). If you find them challenging, then do them for another week before progressing.

      Remember to:
      * maintain good posture during the exercises
      * if you are a dancer or gymnast, do the exercises with no shoes; otherwise, you may do the exercises with runners