Knee Pain And Arthritis Treatment

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Knee pain and knee arthritis

What is arthritis?
Knee pain treatment
Did you know that everyone’s body is in a constant state of flux?

This simply means that every day, everything is always changing: bone is being broken down and rebuilt, muscles acquire microtears and new muscle tissue is laid down to make them heal and become stronger. This is normal.





Arthritis treatment

Arthritis will not go away but many people live without pain. Over 50 research studies have proven that aerobic and strengthening exercises are safe for people with osteoarthritis and are effective at reducing knee pain symptoms, even for those with bone-on-bone arthritis. Exercise does NOT make the disease progress faster. In fact, new research is showing that running can be protective for knee cartilage.

  • Manual therapy. Joint mobilizations can temporarily relieve pain and increase range of motion. If the proper stretches for knee pain are performed afterwards, that increased range can last
  • Strengthening exercises. Performing strengthening exercises for knee pain at least two times per week can increase muscle strength and reduce pain. Physiotherapists can assess which muscles are weak and teach you exercises to strengthen using the equipment you have at home
    • Offloads pressure on the joint
    • Improves alignment
    • Pumps out inflammation
    • Releases healing synovial fluid into joint
    • Improves health of remaining cartilage
  • Aerobic exercise. Physiotherapists can prescribe and monitor a progressive program consisting of the activities that you like to do so that your body can adapt and learn to do them with less pain
    • Pumps inflammation out of the joint
    • Improves the health of the remaining cartilage
    • Releases more healing synovial fluid into the joint
  • Losing weight. For every 1 lb of weight lost, there is a 4 lb reduction in pressure on the knee joint. Physiotherapists can prescribe a safe and effective exercise program to promote weight loss. Please note that even without losing weight, the above treatments can help provide knee pain relief

Types of arthritis. For those of us with a type of arthritis called osteoarthritis, the process of rebuilding and adapting to exercise also happens, but it takes a bit longer. This does not mean that we should stop exercising, it just means we need a little more guidance.

Exercise. When we exercise, these processes must happen more quickly in order for our body to adapt to the increased load. The body must lay down more bone and muscle in the body parts that we are working out.

Knee arthritis exercise

Physiotherapy for knee arthritis. Arthritic joints can become painful if we spike our activity levels or if we perform our activities with improper movement patterns. A physiotherapist can assess what is causing the pain, perform treatments to lower the pain quickly, and then design an individualized exercise program to build up the joints. It is possible for many people, even those with severe osteoarthritis of the knee to greatly reduce or eliminate pain without surgery.

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