Low Back Pain: Causes, Types & Treatment

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When you have low back pain, it can literally stop you in your tracks. It can make it difficult and even stop you from lifting your kids, bending over to tie your shoes, driving to work. The reason is that most movements and actions you do start from your back. When you pick up that cup of coffee, your back prepares by bracing and stabilizing in order for you to reach out with your arm and lift the cup. If there is anything wrong with your lower back or if you have low back pain, then your back is not able to properly brace and stabilize, making it more difficult for you to perform even simple actions.

Causes of Low Back Pain

One of the most common ways of hurting your lower back is when you bend and twist at the same time. This type of movement puts your spine in a vulnerable position and even light loads can lead to injury. Another cause of trouble is sitting for long periods. Sitting places more strain on your lower back and discs than standing or walking, and so it goes without saying that sitting for long periods can result in lower back problems. Other reasons for low back injuries include work or motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and falls.

Types Of Low Back Injuries

Your back is made up of a complex arrangement of structures including bones, nerves, joints and muscles. All of these components can become injured leading to low back pain. You can sprain the joints in your lower back just like spraining your ankle. You can strain the muscles in your lower back much like straining your leg muscles. You can even injure the discs and irritate or pinch the nerves that come out of your spine, leading to leg or arm symptoms.

Low Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain and injury can affect your whole day. It can limit your ability to play sports, make it difficult to work, even make it uncomfortable to sit or rest. Fortunately, there is almost always a solution to help you recover and improve.

Depending on the cause and type of injury, low back pain therapy can include joint adjustments or manual therapy to improve the movement and mechanics of an injured spine or joint. Ice may be used to relieve painful inflammation or heat for stiffness. Exercises can help stretch stiff areas and strengthen weak areas, or correct any muscle imbalances as well as prevent relapses. Nutritional supplements can aid your body’s ability to heal. Posture and ergonomic tips can be helpful in preventing future issues.

Get Help

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