physiotherapyPatient Profile: Difficulty Eating

A mother of 2 young children came to see one of our physiotherapists, May, after an accident that left her with a concussive injury. She suffered from headache, brain fogginess, sensitivity to lights and sounds and clicking and locking of her jaw which affected what she was able to eat.

On examination, she was only able to open her mouth to 2 fingers width versus the normal 3. Her maxilla was jammed on the right and her spheno-basilar junction was locked with decreased and altered mobility to the ethmoid bone and nasal-frontal junction. Her temporomandibular joint complex was moving out of sync and clicking but this was largely due to it being a ‘victim’ of the joints mal-position and therefore needing to compensate.

After explaining the findings, treatment was started to release the restricted areas and at the end of the treatment, she was able to open her mouth to 3 fingers with no clicking.

The following week, she reported that she was able to eat firmer foods and her locking episodes had decreased by 80%.

May Sheu is a physiotherapist who is trained in osteopathic manual therapy such as visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular manipulation and craniosacral therapy