physiotherapyPatient Profile: No More Bladder Leakage

A lady in her early 30’s came in due to a gradual onset of urinary leakage that started 3 months ago and was progressively getting worse, so much so that she had to wear panty liners and change them frequently. She had no previous history and was physically active. She reported that this new symptom had affected her social and physical life as well as her self esteem and she wanted it “GONE!”.

On physical examination, there was marked restriction of her right pubovescial ligament (a ligament that connects the bladder to the pubic symphysis) which then pulled the umbilical ligament and the fusiform ligament of the liver. Treatment was applied to release the restricted tissues which facilitated the mobility and motility of the involved organs.

On a follow up visit the next week, she reported that her leakage had improved immediately and was completely resolved 2 days after the initial treatment. She was beaming with delight that this was curable and she was no longer ‘haunted’ by this ‘disability’.

She received a total of 3 visits to ensure that her body had resumed optimal mobility and she was discharged with specific exercises and movements to maintain proper function of her abdominal and pelvic regions.

May Sheu is a physiotherapist who is trained in osteopathic manual therapy such as visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular manipulation and craniosacral therapy