physiotherapyPatient Profile: Could Not Work Due To Pain

A patient in her early 40’s who was suffering from intense, gradual onset right-sided abdominal and groin pain came to the clinic and begin receiving care from May, one of our physiotherapists.

She had previously had an MRI which was negative.

When she came to Cedar, she had been off work due to intense pain and had been taking Tylenol 3 at night for more than a month to get some rest. She was unable to do much activity as any movement produced spasm and pain rated 8-10 out of 10.

During her examination, she had restrictions to her right kidney, urethra and cecum. The ligament of clyete (a ligament that connects the cecum to the right ovary) was pulling on the right ovary. The ovaries are particularly sensitive and do not like to be ‘yanked on’; therefore, any restriction would cause pain to prevent being tensioned further.

Treatment included mobilization of the involved structures. She felt an immediate improvement in tension. Later, she reported that she no longer had spasms with movement and pain intensity had decreased to 6/10.

She continued to receive treatments once a week to address other tissue restrictions and improve the mobility of her involved organs, ligaments and spine. Her pain level continued to decrease over the next 3 weeks and she was able to begin our clinical pilates program in order to re-trained her body on ‘how to move freely and safely’ as she had developed significant abnormal movement patterns due to body guarding.

She returned to work after a couple months of rehabilitation and has since been able to resume all of the activities that she previously enjoyed.

May Sheu is a physiotherapist who is trained in osteopathic manual therapy such as visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular manipulation and craniosacral therapy