cedarSo What Is This “Pilates” I Keep Hearing About?

Pilates is a state of being while moving. When these principles are exuded at every moment in the entire movement, Pilates is at its best!

6 Pilates Principles

1. Control – Using the mind to steer the body and move safely through space

2. Concentration – Focusing on one particular area of the body while being aware of what the rest of the body is doing

3. Centering – Balancing the front and back, the left and right sides and the top and bottom halves of the body at the same time

4. Breath – Slowly inhaling as much air as possible and slowly exhaling all the air out of the lungs. Getting oxygen to the whole body

5. Flow – Creating fluidity by using the same amount of energy and going the same speed at each point during the movement

6. Precision – Moving the muscles and bones in a specific way so that correct posture is encouraged