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Get The Best Of Both Worlds, Physiotherapy + Chiropractic Care!

Chiropractic care and physiotherapy are each unique and very effective approaches in helping you deal with life’s physical issues. For more complex challenges, the combination of chiropractic care and physiotherapy can be a powerful approach to help you get the results you want. Just like peanut butter and jam!
azin yazdinezhad pilates

Azin Yazdinezhad, Exercise Rehab / Pilates

Azin’s road map began from her early desire to move with ease and grace and her fascination with the wisdom of the Eastern ancient philosophies which overlooks strengthening and balancing the mind -body- spirit as an integrated unity. Her long-term journey of study and embodiment of the pilates method began with a contemporary approach…

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christabelle pausey pilates

Christabelle Pausey, Exercise Rehab / Pilates

Christabelle is a teacher with a passion for all types of movement. She was first introduced to pilates as a yoga teacher, and was immediately drawn by the feeling of strength and confidence it gave her. Endlessly curious, she is happy to work in a field where the learning never stops. She loves the logic and precision of functional movement combined with the creativity…

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damien dubouchet physio

Damien Dubouchet, Physiotherapist / Osteopath

Damien was previously a Physiotherapist in France for 15 years. Meeting and helping people has always been a passion for him. Throughout his career, he has attended numerous seminars and training courses to complete and improve his skills in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for your conditions. In 2007, Damien was…

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janice low physio

Janice Low, Physiotherapist

Janice obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, with a focus on neuroplasticity, and her Master of Physical Therapy degree from UBC. Janice is nationally certified to coach multiple sports and was Head Coach of Richmond’s Special Olympics swim team for 4 years. Janice enjoys working with all people including weekend warriors, active seniors…

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john sheu burnaby chiropractor chiropractic

Dr John Sheu, Chiropractor

Making a positive change in people’s lives – that was what Dr Sheu wanted in choosing a career. When he was younger, his thoughts varied from being a professional hockey player, to being an astronaut, to accounting. After spending his childhood growing up in Vancouver, Dr Sheu left for McGill University in beautiful Montreal in order to complete a Bachelor…

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maria marlow burnaby gyrotonic

Maria Marlow, Exercise Rehab / Gyrotonic

Maria Marlow was born with the fortune / misfortune of club feet and scoliosis. Misfortune because of multiple surgeries, unattractive corrective shoes, and always being picked last for the sports teams in grade school. Fortune, because her personal knowledge and understanding of living in a structurally challenged body, gives her a greater appreciation of…

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may sheu burnaby physiotherapy

May Sheu, Physiotherapist

May has been a physiotherapist for almost 20 years. She has worked with clients of all ages including premature babies, infants and children. Her vast experience includes the following conditions as well as many others: musculoskeletal conditions related to overuse syndrome, sprains / strains, motor vehicle accidents, headaches and migraines, dizziness…

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susannah reid burnaby physiotherapy

Susannah Reid, Interim Physiotherapist

Susannah is a physiotherapist who is passionate about getting her clients back to what is meaningful to them. Susannah completed her Masters of Physiotherapy in Melbourne, Australia. While studying in Melbourne, Susannah gained experience in hospital and private practice and worked with a regional football club on the weekends. Susannah was introduced…

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