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Dr Amber Kenmuir DC



Amber has practiced as a chiropractor since 2015. She first started seeing a chiropractor when she was 16 due to knee pain she was having while figure skating. She had tried massage and physiotherapy but nothing was helping. After seeing her chiropractor for a few visits her knee pain went away but also the daily headaches she had been suffering from also went away.

While chiropractic was not the first profession she pursued after graduating high school, she eventually found her way and wanted to provide the same care and relief to others who were suffering like she was. Amber loved caring for patients of all ages and has a special love for little ones and pregnant mommas. She also loves working with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Training and Education

While she was at chiropractic school, she did an advanced certificate in extremity management, meaning additional training in care of feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. She also attended many seminars in caring for the pediatric population, and became basic certified in the Activator Technique in her third quarter of school.

Coming Home

After graduating, Amber practiced in Edmonton until the ocean and family called her home. She practiced in Nanaimo before moving to the big city in May 2021. Being in the city provides increased opportunities to serve in her community, but also importantly brings her closer to family that live in the area.

While not at work you can find Amber in nature hiking, trail running, or mountain biking, or she may be found on her couch engrossed in a new book!


  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • headache and migraines
  • elbow pain
  • jaw / TMJ pain
  • knee pain
  • plantar fasciitis and other foot pain
  • shoulder pain
  • wrist pain


  • Graduated from the University of Calgary in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science
  • Graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2015
  • In clinic, graduated Cum Laude with Gold Honors
  • Council of Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners certification December 2015
  • ICPA Webster Certification February 2018

Professional Memberships

  • BC Chiropractic Association
  • College of Chiropractors of BC
  • Canadian Chiropractic Association

Schedule With Dr Amber

Call 604-738-1168

Behind The Degree
  • Favourite book: Have read too many to have a favorite but love a lot of sci-fi / fantasy books
  • Favourite food: Hard to pick between sushi and Chinese food
  • Favourite leisure activities / hobbies: Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, reading
  • Favourite movie: Again, too hard to pick but have watched repeatedly the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings (extended versions) movies
  • Favourite place: Anywhere in nature, especially on the ocean
  • Favourite sport: Mountain biking
  • Weakness: Good chocolate
  • Most known for: My stubbornness
  • Most thankful for: My family and good friends
  • Something you may not know about her: Lived in Belgium and France for 18 months. I also practiced as a certified dental assistant for 12 years before I went to chiropractic school.
  • Superhuman talent: How fast I can read a book

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Patient Review

chiropractor dr amber Liisi

Amber I fantastic – super caring and knowledgeable. I love working with her! I had some issues with my hips and lower back, I had a lot of help from Amber and one of our goals was to get me back to gym – this is a huge achievement for me; after having issues with my back I was very unsure and feared that I might hurt myself, but it has been great to be back.

The whole clinic is great

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