burnaby physiotherapyJanice Low, BKin, MPT
Janice obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, with a focus on neuroplasticity, and her Master of Physical Therapy degree from UBC. Janice is nationally certified to coach multiple sports and was Head Coach of Richmond’s Special Olympics swim team for 4 years.

Janice enjoys working with all people including weekend warriors, active seniors, people with persistent pain and people with intellectual disabilities.

Janice has been a patient numerous times when she experienced injuries from participating in high-speed sports such as skiing, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking in addition to being in a severe car accident. In fact, being helped so much by physiotherapists is what motivated her to go to school to become one!

Janice feels she can guide her clients through the fastest route to healing because she has experienced the healing process from the inside out. Currently pain-free with full range of motion, Janice is committed to helping her clients achieve the same status.

Janice uses manual therapy, myofascial release, functional movement, neuromuscular retraining, patient education and motivational techniques to show her clients why they are having issues and what they can do to help themselves achieve their goals; whether that is to perform daily activities, go back to work or return to sport. She is also qualified in vestibular rehabilitation for conditions causing dizziness. You will never hear, “Just go home and rest” from Janice, she teaches you how to manage your condition while keeping up with as many activities as possible. Long lasting change is possible!

In her spare time, you can find Janice skiing, mountain biking, doing yoga, meditating, playing drums or learning new treatment techniques.

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I had Janice for physiotherapy. She was patient with my recovery. She helped me to regain 90% of my physical strength. I can now dance at home without any pain in my body! Thank you Janice!

Jennifer L