Kui Hee

Kui Hee Han



Prior to pursuing a career in acupuncture, Kui Hee was studying Life Science at the University of Toronto to pursue his life goal of becoming a medical doctor. Unfortunately, he had suffered from seizures in his early 20’s, and was later diagnosed with Tonic-Clonic Epilepsy (formerly known as grand mal seizure epilepsy).

After 4 years of trying different treatments, he looked for alternatives and found a Korean-Chinese doctor in Toronto, where he was guided to acupuncture and herbal medicine. After only 6 months of acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments, he has stopped having seizures ever since.


Kui Hee was drawn to acupuncture so he moved to BC to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kui Hee believes that traditional Chinese medicine can help with many diseases and health conditions and provide a safe alternative.

Kui Hee combines Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with Traditional Korean Medicine Acupuncture for treating pain management and various disorders.

Kui Hee has graduated from PCU College of Holistic Medicine and he is a Registerd Acupuncturist.

Kui Hee is passionate about improving his knowledge and skills, and he is currently studying miniscarpel acupuncture (acupotomy) with other fellow practitioners in BC.

Kui Hee is 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. When he is not in clinic, he enjoys bowling and travelling. Kui Hee is fluent in Korean and English

Behind The Degree
  • Clinic nickname: Double Dragon (I have a twin brother and I have martial arts background)
  • Favourite book: Sin Yak Bon Cho by Insan medicine, direct translation of the title is, “New Medicine and Herbology”
  • Favourite food: Spicy Beef Soup or cucumber kimchi made by my dad
  • Favourite leisure activities / hobbies: Bowling, I am a league bowler
  • Favourite movie: 13 hours by Michael Bay, based on a true story which shows courageous acts by soldiers in a foreign land
  • Favourite place: Suwon, South Korea. I met significant people there and am still fond of the memories
  • Favourite sport: Baseball, soccer, bowling, rugby
  • Weakness: Bad with remembering names, it never gets easy for me
  • Most embarrassing moment: I was laughing hard in a restaurant and food reversed and came up out of my nostril
  • Most known for: Being nice and smiling all the time
  • Most thankful for: Becoming seizure free just after 6 months of traditional medicine treatment
  • Something you may not know about him: I had many different occupations before becoming an acupuncturist – server, website designer, cashier, salesmen, translator, counselor, coordinator, CEO and more that are not listed. I am older than you may think 😉 Acupuncture is what I am most happy with
  • Superhuman talent: Flexibility – not that I am super flexible with my joints and muscles but flexible with other people and have great adaptability
  • Useless Talent: I can move my ears, and spread my toes and count 1 to 5. Maybe I am flexible with my joints and muscles 🙂

kui hee double dragon han