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Susannah is a physiotherapist who is passionate about getting her clients back to what is meaningful to them. Susannah completed her Masters of Physiotherapy in Melbourne, Australia. While studying in Melbourne, Susannah gained experience in hospital and private practice and worked with a regional football club on the weekends. Susannah was introduced to clinical pilates through her practical classes and clinical placements. Pilates has become one of her favourite forms of exercise to help clients connect to their body as they activate their muscles.

Susannah has experience treating clients with a range of soft tissue injuries, as well as those experiencing dizziness and post-concussion symptoms. By combining education, manual therapy, and exercise therapy, she strives to achieve the best results for her clients. Susannah also has interests in neurological conditions and sees clients with multiple sclerosis, dystonia, cerebral palsy and brain and spinal cord injuries. Susannah seeks to constantly expand her practice by gaining more knowledge and experience through courses, conferences and self-study.

At Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, Susannah’s goal is to work with the team to get each client doing the activities they enjoy most. Outside of physiotherapy, Susannah enjoys training in Olympic weightlifting and Latin dancing. She loves playing outdoor sports in the summer and skiing in the winter


  • full body functional assessments
  • manual therapy
  • myofascial release
  • taping, bracing
  • vestibular rehab

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Behind The Degree
  • Clinic nickname: Susannah “Xena” Reid
  • Favourite book: Too many to name, I read everything
  • Favourite food: Tacos
  • Favourite leisure activities / hobbies: Weightlifting, dance, reading, cooking, skiing
  • Favourite place: The beach or a mountain top
  • Favourite sport: to do – weightlifting, to watch – tied between ice hockey and Aussie rules football
  • Kryptonite: Dark chocolate with sea salt
  • Most embarrassing moment: In grade 6 I took my gym shorts out the dryer early, slightly damp and put them in the front pocket of my backpack and forgot them. One day, I didn’t have gym shorts but found the shorts in my backpack. They had dried in my backpack and smelled really disgusting. I didn’t want to wear them but would lose marks for not having gym strip. I put the stinky shorts on anyway and everyone in the girls changeroom immediately complained of the smell. It didn’t get better for me in an open space once I came out into the gym. The smell was so bad, the teachers emptied out the gym and we had gym class out that day. I pretended I was just as confused and grossed out by this mysterious smell. The school got the janitors to inspect the gym and change rooms and could not figure out what the awful smell was. I got through class without losing any marks or admitting to causing the smell that disrupted three different gym classes. I did get rid of those shorts and never repeated the mistake of putting wet clothes in my backpack
  • Most known for: Having a big healthy lunch
  • Superhuman talent: Able to navigate around new places without getting lost
  • Useless Talent: Susannah is an encyclopedia of apple varieties. From her early teens to early twenties she worked in her dad’s fruit and veggie store where is gained this somewhat useless talent

susannah reid physio

… I hope you continue changing lifes…

…Susannah is empathetic and knowledgeable, and just talking to her during physio is therapy enough because she really listens. In the 6 months that I have been working with her since the global pandemic through both telehealth and in-person, she has been nothing but kind and helpful. Whenever my ribs are having issues, neck or spine her hardworking hands always know how to heal and give comfort to me. I honestly cannot say enough good things. At one point in time, I had hated coming into physio because it felt like no matter how hard I tried, I’d be stuck with my concussion and neck injuries, but with her exercises and positive attitude I was able to continue progressing and found hope again. Thank you again Susannah! I hope you continue changing lives, you are one of the strongest, inspirational people I know…

– Jessica C, Google Review