Same Friendly People, Little Different Clinic

Your safety is our priority so as we re-open to the community, we have made some changes to help protect each other

Screen, screen, screen

Masked faces
Safe distancing
We have changed how we practice and how many people are in the clinic at the same time. More break times are scheduled to properly disinfect between patients.

We are asking patients to make some small changes as well to help us keep everyone safe.





Patient Screening

Patients will be screened at multiple steps leading up to the actual in-person visit to ensure that it is safe for you to come for an appointment

Team Screening

Each member of your Cedar team will self-screen before starting every shift to make sure it is safe for us to help you

What You Can Do To Help Us

  1. TIME. Please try to arrive on time. We will do our best to be on time. If you are early, maybe wait in your car
  2. WASHROOM. Use your bathroom before coming (if you REALLY have to use our washroom you can!)
  3. TRAVEL LIGHT. Leave family members and extra belongings at home, bring only what you need
  4. MASK. Wear a mask
  5. BYE-BYE CASH. Use a credit card or debit to pay
  6. CALLS. Excuse us if we put your call on hold to help someone in the clinic to keep their visit brief
  7. CLOTHES. Wear or bring appropriate clothing for your visit (eg. shorts and clean socks)
  8. SCREEN. Stay home if you have travelled, been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are feeling unwell
Some Of The Things We Are Doing

  • Hand washing / sanitizing before and after every patient
  • Wearing PPE as necessary
  • Installing a sneeze-guard at the front
  • Disinfecting common areas often throughout the day
  • Spacing out visits so there are fewer patients in the clinic and have time to clean
  • Having hand sanitizer available throughout the clinic
  • Screening all patients
  • Reducing the number of “touch-points” you have in our clinic
  • Staying home if we feel unwell

We Are Excited To See Everyone Again, WELCOME BACK!