Whiplash Injury And Treatment

Whiplash Injury

What does whiplash mean?
Symptoms and treatment
You are driving to get groceries, stopped at an intersection. You suddenly feel an immense thud from behind as you are hit by another car. You have now been in a motor vehicle accident.

When it happens to you, the shock of the incident takes awhile to sink in. About half of the people involved in a car accident will be injured. You may notice symptoms right away or it may take up to a week or two for all your whiplash injury symptoms to appear.





Whiplash Injury Treatment

Fortunately, there are many ways to help you feel better and recover from your car accident injuries. For injuries that do not include bone fracture or brain injury, rest and ice immediately after the accident are helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation in the damaged muscles and joints.

Other treatments include joint adjustments or manual therapy to your spine or joints to help them move and work properly. Taping or bracing can be used to support injured areas. Exercises help stretch tight areas and strengthen damaged muscles. Nutritional supplements aid your body’s ability to heal.

As you improve, the exercise or active rehab part of your care may be expanded. This continues your improvements by strengthening and stabilizing your injured areas. You will be guided on how best to safely return to doing the things you were doing before the accident.

Start Your Recovery From Whiplash

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