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What Do I Do If I Get Injured At Work?

Getting injured at work can cause a lot of anxiety and worry. Injuries can result in both physical and emotional pain as well as leading to lost wages and needing to take time off from work.To help you get back on your feet, physiotherapy and chiropractic care are effective treatments. Both healthcare professionals can help injured workers get back on your feet and return to your work-related activities as quickly and safely as possible

How Physiotherapy And Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Work-Related Injury

When you are injured at work, physiotherapy and chiropractic can help you return to work safely and quickly. Here are some ways they can help:

1. Reduce pain and inflammation

One of the most immediate and visible benefits of treatment is the ability to lower your pain and inflammation. Your practitioner can provide treatment strategies to reduce your swelling, pain and improve circulation to your injured areas. These approaches include:

  • Fascial mobilization
  • Mobilization
  • Safe movement exercises
  • Self-help strategies
  • Soft tissue release

As your body begins to heal, getting back to your normal activities will become that much easier

2. Restore mobility and flexibility

Injuries at work can often cause stiffness and reduced mobility in your injured body parts. By doing the appropriate stretches, exercises and manual therapy, your chiropractor and physiotherapist can help restore your normal range of motion.

As your flexibility improves, your ability to perform your normal work-related tasks is increased. This also helps prevent future injuries by improving your overall physical ability and well-being

3. Prevent long-term complications

Some workplace injuries, particularly those affecting your neck, back, and spine, can sometimes lead to long-term issues if not treated properly. For example, a worker who has suffered a back injury may develop chronic pain or even spinal stenosis if the injury is not addressed properly.

Physiotherapy and chiropractic can help prevent these long-term complications by addressing the cause of the injury and guiding your body back to recovery. This can greatly help you avoid more serious health problems later in the future

4. Address mental health concerns

Work-related injuries can also have a significant impact on your mental health. This can cause anxiety, depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in some cases.

Your Burnaby chiropractors and physiotherapists can provide support and guidance to injured workers as you navigate the physical and emotional challenges of your injuries. They help direct you to the proper healthcare provider to help you address these challenges

5. Prevent future injury

Workplace injuries are often preventable. Your physiotherapist and chiropractor are able to work with you to identify risks you may have as well as any that may be present in your place of work. Oftentimes, simple changes in your ergonomics, workplace set up and education can be made to reduce the possibility of future injuries in your workplace

6. Assist in your return to work planning

Returning to your workplace is an important step in your recovery process as an employee. Performing meaningful work during your recovery helps you stay connected to your workplace. It also helps maintain your sense of health and well-being and increases your ability to earn an income.

Your healthcare professional is able to work with you while coordinating with your employer to determine your suitable level of activity on your return. Having the right GRTW (Graduated Return-To-Work) plan will go a long way to helping you speed up your recovery timeline

7. Improve your overall quality of life

Finally, your healthcare practitioner can improve overall your quality of life by helping you regain independence and return to your normal activities. By restoring mobility, reducing pain, and promoting healing, physiotherapy and chiropractic care can help you resume your work-related tasks with confidence.

Being able to be more productive in your workplace can help you gain a greater sense of fulfillment. Knowing that you can perform your job safely and avoid future injuries can be empowering and liberating

Benefits of getting treatment

Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can be a highly effective treatment option for workers who have been injured on the job. The benefits of seeking care include:

  • Address mental health concerns
  • Assess workplace hazards
  • Improve overall quality of life
  • Prevent long-term complications
  • Promote return to work
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Restore mobility and flexibility
injured at workplace

Types Of Workplace Injuries

Your chiropractors and physiotherapists in Burnaby are healthcare professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Some commonly seen workplace injuries include:

1. Neck pain

Neck pain is a common symptom that physiotherapists and chiropractors treat daily. Workers that are susceptible to neck injury include:

  • Construction workers
  • Dentists
  • Office workers
  • Nurses
  • Veterinarians

Often, you may be spending long hours with your neck positioned oddly. Or you may be lifting and carrying weights improperly or keeping your neck in awkward positions for far too long. Your practitioner can identify these causes and help you find solutions to relieve them, preventing future strain on your neck

2. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

RSI is a type of work-related injury that happens because of needing to do repetitive motions for extended periods of time. Examples of these activities include typing, using a computer mouse, lifting, working on an assembly line and repeated carrying of items. Common RSIs include:

Chiropractors and physiotherapists are experts in identifying the repetitive tasks that contributed to your injury. They can help you find workable solutions to manage your work tasks and teach your more effective ways to take care of your body to prevent injury

3. Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains are common workplace injuries that can happen from:

  • Lifting heavy objects incorrectly
  • Overexertion
  • Slipping and falling

Your healthcare provider’s main goal is to relieve the symptoms and restore your functional capacity. It is also their goal to assist you and your workplace to identify external factors that may be contributing to your injuries. There are often different ways to performing the same tasks with much less risk

4. Joint pain and muscles spasm

Joint pain and muscle spasm may result from a repetitive strain injury or sprain and strain over time. This is another area where your practitioner can help you:

  • Create a plan that both you the worker and your workplace are able to put into action
  • Determine the cause
  • Treat your pain and spasm
  • Work out a self management strategy
Having the right plan in place can help reduce the chance of future episodes and the impact from these injuries

5. Postural Issues

This is a frequent issue that often goes unnoticed until your symptoms of pain and discomfort come to the surface. Many workplace postural problems are linked to what you do as well as and how you do your tasks at work. This can be the underlying cause of many conditions.

The good news is that this is also very readily addressed. Your North Burnaby physiotherapists and chiropractors can help you identify postural issues and recommend appropriate rehab exercises to strengthen your postural muscles

Get Help For Your Work-Related Injury

Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can be effective treatment options for a wide range of conditions resulting from work-related injuries. From back pain to joint pain, RSI to postural issues, your chiropractor and physiotherapist can help you manage your pain, improve your mobility and regain your ability to function physically.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job and while at work, consider talking to your physiotherapist or chiropractor to learn more about how these treatment options can help

Ask Your Practitioner

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Q: What do I do if I think I have been injured at work?

A: If you think you have been injured at work, let your supervisor know. Contact WorkSafeBC to let them know. Lastly, make an appointment to see your physiotherapist or chiropractor to start treatment

Q: When should I go back to work?

A: Your employer, your physiotherapist or chiropractor and you will help you make the decision on when it is best for you to work in any capacity. You may start with reduced duties and hours to gradually ease yourself back into your work routines. Generally, the earlier you are able to safely return to work, the quicker you will recover

Q: Will my treatments be covered?

A: If it has been decided that your injuries were indeed the result of a workplace accident, WorkSafeBC will provide coverage for either physiotherapy or chiropractic care to help you recover and back to work