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About sciatica
Do I have a pinched nerve?
What about a slipped disc?

We have all heard of “sciatica” and sometimes we think we have it but is it really sciatica or a pinched nerve in your back?

Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body, about the width of your thumb. It carries messages from your brain through your spine to your legs, as well relay messages from those areas back to your brain.


Pain In Your Lower Back And Hip

Numbness, Tingling In Your Leg

Trouble Sitting Or Bending

What Is My Sciatic Nerve?

The nerves in your body all start from you spine. These nerves travel to all different parts of your body, sending instructions and commands from your brain. They then also bring feedback back from your body to your brain. Your nerves control every part of your body
There is no sciatic joint. Rather, some of the nerves in your lower spine will merge together and form what is called your “sciatic nerve”. Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. Think the size of your thumb. Your sciatic nerve travels down the back of your legs on both sides

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What Is Sciatica? What Is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Anything that puts pressure on your sciatic nerve can result in sciatica nerve pain. This often happens around your pelvis or hip. Sometimes a small muscle under your glutes called your piriformis will be under tension. As your sciatic nerve passes either next to or through this muscle, any stress in your piriformis could put tension on your sciatic nerve causing sciatica nerve pain.

Other causes of sciatic nerve pain include problems in your pelvis or lower spine. If you have any sort of injury in this area or mechanical problems such as lack of proper mobility, this could contribute to your sciatica symptoms.

Another factor is the health of your spine. If there is any degeneration in your lower spinal joints or discs, this can also add to your sciatic nerve pains.

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Symptoms Of Sciatic Nerve Pain

So what does it feel like to have sciatica? When you have sciatica nerve pain, you may feel pain starting in your lower back. This pain then travels down past your gluts and down the back of your leg and sometimes to your calf.

Your sciatic nerve pain could be mild to severe. It can also feeling burning or tingling, like electric shocks. Numbness or weakness are also common.

Things such as coughing and sneezing may make your nerve pain worse. Sciatica pain will usually only be on one side of your body. Sitting can also be tough.

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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica nerve pain relief often begins with conservative care with your North Burnaby Heights physiotherapist or chiropractor and can include:

  • Physiotherapy:
    • Manual therapy to restore movement
    • Electrical modalities for sciatica pain relief
    • Exercise rehab including stretches for sciatica
    • Strengthening exercises
  • Chiropractic: Adjustments improve the movement and function of your spine, pelvis and hips. With less stress on your nerves your body will be better able to repair
  • Exercises for sciatica: Sciatica exercises may include sciatica stretches, strengthening and core exercise
  • Surgery: When conservative care is not successful, or you are having trouble with your bathroom functions (bowel and bladder control) surgery may be needed
  • Results will of course vary from person to person

Things To Do At Home To Help With Sciatica Pain Relief

Here are some tips you can try at home to ease your sciatica symptoms or to prevent sciatica pain from starting in the first place:

  • Wallet: Avoid having your wallet in your back pocket. Put it in your front pocket instead or somewhere else. By having it in your back pocket when you sit, it unbalances your pelvis and lower back which is not an ideal position for you to be in
  • Posture: Try and sit up straight, with your back fully resting against your chair’s back rest. Slouching is hard on your spine, joints, discs and nerves
  • Move: Get up and move at least every hour if you spend long periods of time working, studying or gaming
  • Core: By keeping your core strong, your spine will have more support and better coordination. You will be less likely to injure yourself such as from unexpected movements such as falls or bumps
  • Exercise: Stretch those tight muscles from sitting too long such as your hamstrings and hip flexors. Strengthen those weak muscles as well, like your gluts, abdominals and quads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does sciatica go away by itself?

A: Sometimes your sciatica pain will go away by itself. However, if you are having trouble getting rid of your sciatica or it is starting to get worse, visit your chiropractor or physiotherapist

What is the fastest way to cure my sciatica?

A: You can try using ice, heat or different stretches to help your sciatica get better. If those do not help, then schedule a visit with your chiro or physio

What triggered my sciatica pain?

A: Some reasons that could lead to you having sciatica include lifting something, having poor footwear, gaining weight and bad posture

Your team is here to help you figure out how to fix a pinched nerve or sciatica pain

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