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Integrated Health

Team Approach
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Integrative health is a healthcare model that combines together a number of interlocking principles. For you to be healthy it is important to include the various facets of health such as your physical, mental and emotional health.

When these different aspects of health are looked after, the result is wellness for the person as a whole. In reaching for optimal health, different factors such as your genetics, lifestyle, environment and habits all can have an impact.


Physical Health

Your Mental Health

Emotional Health

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based care is founded on 3 pillars:

1. The latest clinical research

Medical and clinical research is an ever evolving, growing and organic process. Every day, new and innovative findings and results are being discovered.

Sometimes the studies test the validity of past knowledge. Other times, research leads to new and innovative approaches to healthcare. Further still, much of research is devoted to diving deeper into an idea or theory to improve our understanding and knowledge about a specific topic or question

2. Your values as a patient

You as the patient are the driver behind your health care. You know best what your health goals are. You are the one that ultimately feels what you are feeling and experiencing.

Your treatments and care should be focused on helping you reach your health and life goals, such as being able to work and provide for your family or participate in your favourite recreational activity. You are a unique individual and your response to treatment will be unlike anyone else

3. The expertise of your team

The practitioners on your healthcare team each bring with them a wide range of experiences, specialties and skillsets. They have been witness to how different people with diverse conditions respond to various types of treatments.

With this knowledge and training in combination with a deep understanding of your needs as a patient, they can help direct you in the right direction in reaching your goals

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Whether your team is a single practitioner or a number of healthcare providers, we can help you decide what is the best approach for you.

If you have a chronic or complicated issue or have a number of injuries, your team of physiotherapists, chiropractors and physiotherapy assistants will work together to assist you

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Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is care that keeps you, the patient, top of mind. Your best interest, objectives, values and expectations are all factored into the care you receive. Sometimes the suggestions you are given may not be what you were hoping to hear, but the advice you receive is what you need to hear and to best help you reach your goals.


Much of what is practiced and used today in medicine and healthcare has not been researched yet. Many treatments and approaches suggested are based on normally accepted protocols, anecdotal evidence and past experiences.

This is not to say that research should not be done in a particular area. The challenge remains that we are all complex organisms and there is still so much to learn and understand about how all our various parts function together

Sum Of Your Whole Is Greater Than All Your Parts

Your ankle bone is connected to your shin bone.
Your shin bone is connected to your knee bone.
Every action and decision has a consequence.

Whole health and wellness takes into account all the different areas of your health, such as your mental, emotional and physical health. When one is out of balance, the others are impacted. When you are under more emotional stress, your physical ailments seem worse. When you are injured, this can add mental stress to your day.

Stress and overload

Whichever type of stress you are under, the more of any of them can potentially have a negative impact on your body’s ability to function, repair and heal. Much like computer bandwidth, your body can only effectively process and address so many things at a time.

Overload it with too much of any type of stress, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, and your body suffers and pays the price. Take care of all areas of your health and notice how much easier life gets, movement becomes effortless and experience an improved sense of calm and contentment

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An Integrated Approach To Your Physical Health In Burnaby

The number of parts in your physical body is staggering. Consider all your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, organs and other structures. Even more amazing is how all these different structures coordinate together to allow you to move, run, lift and throw a ball.

Taking care of all your physical parts requires different experts, each with a different understanding of a particular area of your body’s mechanics. Integrative or multi-disciplinary health typically involves the collaboration of different healthcare providers working together.

Whether you need relief from pain, to increase your flexibility, gain strength or improve your coordination and balance, there is a healthcare practitioner that can help. For example:


Your physiotherapist is a movement and function expert. They are skilled at recognizing muscular imbalances and movement deficits. They can work with you to develop a plan to help improve your strength and flexibility. Helping you MOVE STRONGER AND MOVE LONGER is their goal.

Your visit can include many different treatments such as hands-on manual treatment, use of electrical modalities, postural and ergonomic education as well as exercise rehab. A usual session with your physiotherapist in Burnaby lasts around 30 minutes.

Chiropractic care

Your chiropractor is trained in assessing your spine and body mechanics. By improving the function and mobility of your spine and related areas of your body, your chiropractor can help you find relief from your pain and help enhance your body’s ability to repair and recover.

A visit with your chiropractor will usually include joint and spinal adjustments, postural advice and stretching or strengthening exercises. Your visit can be anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes long.

Exercise rehab

With better flexibility and strength comes more stability and confidence in your movements. Training weakened muscles and lengthening tight ones can greatly complement the care and treatment you are already receiving. As your coordination improves, you reduce the likelihood of getting injured in the future.

An exercise rehab appointment can be up to 1 hour long

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Frequently Asked Questions About Integrated Health In Burnaby

Is integrated health right for me?

Integrated healthcare is especially effective if your condition or injury is more complex, chronic (meaning lasting longer than 3 months) or you have a number of different problems you are dealing with. This multi-disciplinary approach involving the collaboration of a number of different practitioners may provide the solution you need to help you find relief and reach your health and life goals

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor?

Your physiotherapist and chiropractor are both healthcare professionals skilled in helping you deal with a number of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Your physio is also an expert in dealing with muscle imbalances and movement issues. A session with your physio can often include manual therapy, exercise rehab and education.

A visit with your chiro will typically involved spinal and joint adjustments as well as advice on posture and exercise. Your chiropractor focuses on improving the mobility and function of your spine and related areas

What is exercise rehab?

Exercise rehab is a continuation of your physiotherapy care. As you progress, your physiotherapist may suggest the addition of exercise rehab sessions to continue your improvements. These sessions will involve a more exercise-based component including core strengthening, small handheld weight exercises, stability drills or clinical pilates.

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Whether your team is a single practitioner or a number of healthcare providers, we can help you decide what is the best approach for you.

If you have a chronic or complicated issue or have a number of injuries, your team of physiotherapists, chiropractors and physiotherapy assistants will work together to assist you

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