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How To Ease Your Neck Pain In 8 Steps And Keep Doing The Activities You Enjoy

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Neck Relief Tips

If you spend time working at a desk or on your phone, you will likely have had some neck and shoulder pain before. Long hours working without breaks. Incorrect posture. Improper setup of your workspace. These can all lead to neck pain.

About 10% of us will have neck pain on any given day. Sometimes it is chronic. Other time you wake up and moving your neck is painful. You may also have headaches or pain into your shoulders and upper back.

Schedule an obligation free complimentary neck pain consultation with your physiotherapist or chiropractor. They can help you find the right tools to bring relief.

Other strategies to help you get rid of your neck pain include:

  • Find out how to prevent your neck and shoulder pain from building
  • Learn a 6 point checklist on properly setting up your desk to cause the least amount of neck tension
  • Try 8 simple stretches done in the comfort of your own home as soon as you start having neck and shoulder pain

Download Your Neck Stretches

Do You Have Neck And Shoulder Pain When You..

  • Cook a meal
  • Play video games
  • Read a book
  • Use your cellular phone
  • Wash dishes
  • Work on your laptop or computer

Start Feeling Better With These Tips And Visit Your Physio, Chiro

Download Your Neck Stretches

Patient Reviews

back pain treatment Bernie

After a few weeks i noticed a significant improvement and a few weeks later my tennis elbow and my neck stiffness were all gone.

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chiropractic for back pain Mary

My neck feels great! In addition to some top notch manual therapy and release

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