Karynne Lima

Exercise Rehab
Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor

Karynne is a certified pilates instructor originally from Brazil. She has extensive rehabilitation experience working with patients injured from sports as well as post operative care. Karynne graduated with her physiotherapy degree in 2009. She has since undergone postgraduate training in orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy.


Karynne completed a full pilates apparatus and equipment course in Brazil and is Balanced Body certified in Canada. She loves exercising and keeps practicing pilates for her own benefit improving her body and mind. She continues to dedicate herself to improving her abilities as an instructor.


In her spare times, Karynne enjoys spending time with friends as well as with her husband and two young daughters. Her favorite time of the year is summer when she can enjoy the weather and spend time outside. Eating is one of the favourite things she likes to do

Behind The Degree
  • Clinic nickname: Karynne “Kah” Lima
  • Favourite book: The Kite Runner and The Book Thief
  • Favourite food: Brazilian barbecue
  • Favourite leisure activities / hobbies: Hanging out with friends, staying with my family and enjoying summer
  • Favourite movie: Me Before You
  • Favourite place: My hometown of Fortaleza, Brazil with beautiful beaches and warm water
  • Favourite sport: Muay thai and stand up paddle
  • Most embarrassing moment: When I first came to Canada, instead of saying “to go” in a coffee shop I said “to travel”
  • Most known for: A gluten free person
  • Most thankful for: The opportunities life has gave me from living in Canada and raising my kids here
  • Something you may not know about her: When I arrived in Canada in 2015 I did not speak any English
  • Superhuman talent: Being a mom
  • Useless Talent: I can whistle in a way that only my husband can hear

karynne kah lima