We are excited to inform you that our clinic has added a movement expansion system, Gyrotonic exercise. In our clinic, this system is often included as part of your exercise rehab program developed by your Burnaby physiotherapist. Sharing some similarities with clinical pilates, this exercise movement system also aims to improve your strength and control of your entire whole body.

Natural Joint Motion
One of the biggest differences with clinical pilates is that Gyrotonic exercise uses and puts more focus on circular motions. These types of movements tend to be more natural type motions for your joints. This enhances the movement and allows your joints to flow through their full range of motion. An added benefit is that these moves can be done without the side effect of wear and tear on your joints from repetitive and impact exercises.

Gyrotonic exercise is a mainstream rehabilitation movement approach found in many European countries. It is used for hip and knee post-replacement rehab. There are a handful of certified instructors in the lower mainland. We are the first rehab clinic in BC to adopt this movement expansion system for rehabilitation.

Injury Prevention and Rehab
Gyrotonic exercise is especially beneficial for injury prevention and rehabilitation of figure skaters, dancers, gymnasts, swimmers and performing artists as the movement exercises challenge the body to extend, reach and stretch to its new dimensions safely and effectively. It is equally powerful for any patient whose injury has affected their mobility and for athletic injury and prevention.

The system can be modified to accommodate most movement restrictions. In addition to orthopedic and sport applications, it has been used for rehabilitation of clients with Parkinson’s, MS, post stroke, neurological movement disorders, cerebral palsy and many other movement problems. Many athletes such as gymnasts and dancers have found the approach very helpful in allowing them to recover from their aches and injuries.

Gyrotonic exercise is often incorporated into your exercise rehab program which is supervised by your physiotherapist. Your rehab program can include other types of exercises including core strengthening, clinical pilates, use of small hand weights, balance boards, resistance bands, balance balls and other exercises.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our exercise rehab program, clinical pilates or Gyrotonic exercise.

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