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Our Mission

Our mission is to keep you MOVING STRONGER & MOVING LONGER, by empowering you to take control of your health through knowledge, awareness and control of your own body

Our focus is on helping you improve your health, find ways for you to live your life free from pain and how to prevent injuries

chiropractor physiotherapyWhy choose Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

ADVANCED TRAINING: Your team of physiotherapists have advanced training in manual therapy and are certified and / or trained in acupuncture, IMS, athletic taping, vestibular rehabilitation, visceral manipulation, exercise therapy and craniosacral therapy. At Cedar, your physiotherapists also employ a variety of other physiotherapy treatment modalities in order to help you get better faster.

TRUST: Our clinic has established strong relationships with numerous medical doctors, medical clinics, sports physicians as well as dance schools, through close collaboration with each facility.

Convenient location
ample nearby parking
easily accessible by public transit
nestled among other popular establishments (eg. Starbucks, Subway, RCMP etc.)

Comprehensive services
private and work (WSBC) / ICBC claims welcome
many other preventive programs available
service in English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Peace of mind
private room
dedicated one-on-one sessions with your physiotherapist for up to 30, 45 or 60 minutes
recover in the hands of well-experienced professionals

I came to see May because of my dizziness that was caused by a car accident 2 years ago. Since then, I felt light headed most of the time. I was not able to walk straight and was constantly swaying my body, feeling unsteady. I saw a neurosurgeon who found nothing wrong but my dizziness persisted. I was always worried that I would loose my balance and fall. I would also keep my head still most of the time, to try and lessen my dizziness.

After 2 visits with May, my dizziness started to improve. I was able to tolerate sitting without the sensation of swaying. My symptoms continue to improve with her treatment. I now feel more steady and confident moving around on my own. I don’t have any dizziness in sitting and standing with my eyes open. I can go up and down the stairs without fear of falling. I feel relieved that this could finally come to an end and that I can live my normal life!

Phyllis M


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